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Trade schools, trade schools vs traditional college, why trade school over traditional college, trade programs
Why top students are choosing trade school over traditional college. Raelee Nicholson could have had her pick of prestigious four-year universities. The high school junior from just outside of Pittsburgh is a member of the National Honor Society, is earning A’s in her honors classes, and scored very highly on her college board exams. So...
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Welding Programs
Zach Dean grew up on a farm. In addition to doing the usual farm chores a boy of 10 would do, Dean learned to weld. That was the beginning of what would be a fulfilling – and profitable – career. “We were always welding stuff there on the farm,” Dean, an instructor in Penn Commercial’s...
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Career Services
Helping You Build Your Future! Thousands of students have graduated from Penn Commercial Business/Technical School over the past 85 years and have gone on to enjoy success in their field of choice. Our dedicated Career Services Department is committed to helping our graduates accomplish their professional goals. Hear from Director of Career Services Ashley Subasic on...
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Esthetics Program
“In the esthetics program we get to have a one on one small classroom size, we get to do facials, waxing, the mircoderm., it is a lot of hands on and I really liked that!” Learn more about esthetics graduate Chris Rodgers! This 12-week diploma program provides students with training in the area of Esthetics....
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skin care, skin care problems, Penn Commercial, Esthetics, Esthetician
Every person is unique. But because everyone is unique, it also means we all face our own issues and often struggles when it comes to taking care of our skin and presenting our best outward appearance. This is where estheticians come into the equation.
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esthetician program, cosmetology program, penn commercial beauty school
The many ways experts in the field can build confidence in others. Confidence is a powerful thing. Every day, it affects how people all over the world perform in their schooling, their careers, their relationships, and many other aspects of life. Much of an individual’s confidence comes from knowing he or she is projecting the...
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It happens all the time. You know without a doubt that it’s time for a change in your profession or career. You start exploring options, trying to find that ideal path that will provide job security, good pay, and be something you enjoy doing. And eventually, you find it. But then something happens that causes...
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Practical Nursing
“I want my students to leave (Penn Commercial) as the best nurse they can possibly be starting in the field. I always tell them they should treat their patients like they are the person they love the most in the world.” Hear more from our Director of Practical Nursing Sandy Phillips on her experiences, her...
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