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What some graduates have said about their training at Penn Commercial.

The knowledge that I acquired from Penn Commercial has helped me secure my future in the drafting industry!

– Trent, Computer Aided Drafting and Design


Penn Commercial helped me to learn wiring on residential and commercial buildings. I also gained knowledge on motor control and maintenance that will give me an advantage over other potential employers!

– Raymond, Electrician


A great experience! Penn Commercial was able to accommodate all my needs to go to school and still keep working at the same time!

– Cody, Electrician


I learned more than I ever dreamed I would during my studies at Penn Commercial! The classes I took in addition to my major were great and played a big part in a well-rounded program.

– Mark, Computer Aided Drafting and Design


Penn Commercial has a great HVAC-R program. The teachers really explain and show you what you will see in the field!

– Adam, HVAC


I really enjoyed my time at Penn Commercial and am excited to see what my future holds! I can’t wait to help patients in the medical field!

– Brittany, Medical Assistant

The school was very educational and helpful. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful, and make you want to come back to school!

– Shawn, Computer Aided Drafting and Design


I learned valuable skills necessary to excel in my field of study!

– Andrew, Computer Aided Drafting and Design


Penn Commercial has given me confidence in a new set of skills, which has allowed me to better my life!

– Steve, HVAC

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