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Esthetics Program
“In the esthetics program we get to have a one on one small classroom size, we get to do facials, waxing, the mircoderm., it is a lot of hands on and I really liked that!” Learn more about esthetics graduate Chris Rodgers! This 12-week diploma program provides students with training in the area of Esthetics....
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Every person is unique. But because everyone is unique, it also means we all face our own issues and often struggles when it comes to taking care of our skin and presenting our best outward appearance. This is where estheticians come into the equation.
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The many ways experts in the field can build confidence in others. Confidence is a powerful thing. Every day, it affects how people all over the world perform in their schooling, their careers, their relationships, and many other aspects of life. Much of an individual’s confidence comes from knowing he or she is projecting the...
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