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Medical Assistant Need
The first people patients see when entering doctor offices, hospitals and other healthcare related services are medical assistants. As the Baby Boomer generation hits their retirement years, the demand for allied health professionals is increasing rapidly. Employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 23% during the decade 2014 to 2024. By 2040, Pennsylvania is...
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Interested in a career in health care? Hear from our Medical Office/Billing and Coding lead instructor Denise Musolino! Check out the Penn Commercial difference and our hands-on learning experience. Learn more about our programs at https://penncommercial.edu/
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Medical Assistants
Professional Development is Key at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Medical Assistants For medical assistants, as with most other professional fields within the health care industry, learning doesn’t stop when they complete their degree or certificate program and graduate. It’s a lifelong endeavor that involves consistently adding to your base of knowledge...
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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a lot of buzz about health care in the news over the past several months. And the only thing we really know with 100 percent certainty is that health care is, and will always be, one of the most important sectors of America’s economy. Not to mention that...
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Medical Office Administrator
Visiting a physician’s office, medical clinic, hospital, or other health care setting is a reality for virtually everyone. It can’t be avoided. And most of the time, what goes unnoticed is the complex nature of the health care team — people who are all working together to ensure that patients get the care they need...
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Billing and Coding; Medical files
Healthcare is one of the largest industries in America, both in terms of revenue generated and the number of people employed. The industry is on pace to be the largest job sector in the country by 2019. The aging baby boomer population is a major contributor to the increased need for health care services and...
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