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Looking to change careers later in life?

Ever think about starting a new career in your 30s, 40s or even 50s? Penn Commercial may have a program for you!

It’s not uncommon for people to switch careers multiple times throughout their lives, and many successful individuals have done so later in their lives. Here are a few things to consider when starting a new career path:

1. Assess your skills and interests: Take some time to reflect on what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing. Consider seeking out a career counselor or taking a career assessment test to help you identify potential career paths.

2. Get the necessary education and training: Depending on your chosen career path, you may need to go back to school or obtain additional training or certifications. Look into local colleges, vocational schools, or online learning options to find programs that fit your needs.

3. Build your network: Networking is important in any career, but it can be particularly helpful when transitioning to a new field. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and reach out to people in your desired field to learn more about job opportunities and get advice.

Penn Commercial Business / Technical School has the resources for you to start your new career journey. Give us a call at 724-222-5330 and we can help you decide what path is right for you!