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CADD Students Design Floor Plans for Local Parish

Students from our Computer Aided Drafting and Design program had a great opportunity to do some real-world drafting. The St. Oscar Romero Parish Safety Ministry, with locations in Meadowlands, Canonsburg and Muse, needed to update floor plans for their churches and administration buildings. Students Rachel Medic, John Gansberger and Nathan Knizner, under the direction of their instructors Kirk McCartney and Elmer Jackson, toured the buildings and took measurements for their project.

“They did a great job for us,” said Scott Moore, Chairperson of St. Oscar Romero Parish Safety Ministry.

“These floor plans allow our first responders to preplan their emergency response to our three Church campuses with the knowledge of the entry points and layout of each building inside and out. This also now gives us the ability to develop evacuation plans and train ushers, greeters and welcome ministries on evacuation procedures and marshaling areas during an emergency.”

The CADD program at Penn Commercial gives students the opportunity to develop their drafting skills and learn how to design the world around them. During their final quarter, students utilize their drafting skills on an externship with local companies, drawing blueprints, designing infrastructure, or creating products. CADD students also get to the chance to work on class projects such as St. Oscar Romero’s emergency evacuation plans. To learn more about Penn Commercial’s CADD program, and begin a career in computer drafting and design, visit our program page and schedule a tour today!