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College in High School


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Here’s a great way to earn college credits while you are in high school — that can be applied to your post-high school experience. As a high school sophomore, junior or senior attending a participating high school, you can enroll at Penn Commercial Business / Technical School and take as many courses as your high school approves each semester. This is an excellent way to gain advanced status in your educational pursuits while you sample an occupational objective that is not available in high school. After graduating from high school you could continue at Penn Commercial and save time and money because of the courses you completed FREE OF CHARGE during high school. Some high school students who begin attending Penn Commercial or Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy during their sophomore or junior year, may even complete a program of study.

*College in High School is the name of the program approved for use by a school district and does not imply that courses taken at Penn Commercial will be recognized by other institutions.

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