Andrew, Electrician Graduate

Hear about Andrew’s exciting career at Fletcher Industries and his recent projects at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris!

Penn Commercial is a great school—close to home with small classes and great, dedicated instructors!

– Kaitlyn, Business Office Administration

The knowledge that I acquired from Penn Commercial has helped me secure my future in the drafting industry!

– Trent, Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Penn Commercial helped me to learn wiring on residential and commercial buildings. I also gained knowledge on motor control and maintenance that will give me an advantage over other potential employers!

– Raymond, Electrician

A great experience! Penn Commercial was able to accommodate all my needs to go to school and still keep working at the same time!

– Cody, Electrician

I loved coming to Penn Commercial because the teachers are great and will help you any way they can. They go above and beyond to make sure you are ready for the real world.

– Peggy, Business Office Administration

I came here and was able to be myself. I gained all the needed knowledge plus more. The instructors went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you, Penn Commercial!

– Robert, Business Office Administration

I learned more than I ever dreamed I would during my studies at Penn Commercial! The classes I took in addition to my major were great and played a big part in a well-rounded program.

– Mark, Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Penn Commercial has a great HVAC-R program. The teachers really explain and show you what you will see in the field!

– Adam, HVAC

I always wanted a degree, and I knew Penn Commercial would provide me with the education and experience to achieve that (at 60 years old!).

– Pam, Medical Office Administration

I really enjoyed my time at Penn Commercial and am excited to see what my future holds! I can’t wait to help patients in the medical field!

– Brittany, Medical Assistant

Penn Commercial staff and students have been imperative in my experience of growing into a professional in the healing arts. I am grateful to have this experience as my foundation!

– Jayden, Massage Therapy

My Penn Commercial education has greatly advanced my knowledge in the fields of management, Microsoft Office, and speaking. Every one of these components I use in my job every day.

– Nick, Business Office Administration

Penn Commercial accepted me with open arms. The teachers made sure we learned the material and made sure we stayed successful. I’m happy that I chose Penn Commercial as my school to attend, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

– Nick, Business Office Administration

The school was very educational and helpful. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful, and make you want to come back to school!

– Shawn, Computer Aided Drafting and Design

I learned valuable skills necessary to excel in my field of study!

– Andrew, Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Penn Commercial has given me confidence in a new set of skills, which has allowed me to better my life!

– Steve, HVAC

At Penn Commercial I was extremely fortunate to have the instructors I did. They are all so compassionate about the work they do, and they had every student’s best interest at heart.

– Jalea, Medical Office Administration

I had a great experience at Penn Commercial. I enjoyed the classes, instructors, students, and atmosphere. I feel like we finished the program as one big family rather than strangers.

– Rachel, Medical Office Administration